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Morgan Harper Data Management Services to support GDPR:

INCREASing data value.
Managing Data Risk.

Born out of the respect required to manage peoples data that allows us ALL to communicate between each other in a legitimate way.
​Data! Data! Data!

Established since May 2016 & supported by the MH-framework, our team includes specialists across:

  • Data management & governance
  • Data quality leads
  • GDPR officers supporting data protection & privacy
  • Information Security

Subject expertise in compliance, training, and staffing is also supported by our vetted associate consultancy network

GDPR Top 7:

Here are 7 top-level changes that will directly affect how you handle data:

  1. Even if your business is not in the EU, you will still have to comply with the Regulation if you handle personal data of EU residents.
  2. The definition of personal data is now broader, encompassing factors such as an individual’s mental, economic, cultural and social identity.
  3. You must provide clear and affirmative consent to the processing of personal data and consent will be necessary to process children’s data.
  4. A data protection officer (DPO) will be mandatory for certain companies.
  5. You must perform a data protection impact assessment before undertaking higher-risk data processing activities.
  6. You will have 72 hours to report a data breach.
  7. Data subjects have the ‘right to be forgotten’.

We view compliance as an opportunity to help make your business more efficient, accountable, and  profitable.


Together with our Partners, we provide a broad spectrum of development and training options to equip your staff with the tools to succeed.


Helping you understand trends & insight that are in your data through KPI's & measures to demonstrate Data Maturity & Value.


We provide a wide range of HR consulting services designed to support your organization's success.